xDrip4iOS (also known as "xDrip for iOS" or "xdripswift") is an open-source application to display real time blood glucose data.

It is able to connect as a Master device to various types of Continuous Glucose Monitor systems and display their values on the screen. This is the main way that most people (usually patients with Type 1 Diabetes) will use the app.

It is also able to act as a Follower device and pull remote CGM data from Nightscout. This is a great way for parents and care-givers to be able to remotely monitor loved ones and patients.


Please note that xDrip4iOS is not related to the xDrip+ project for Android.

For help and information about the xDrip+ project for Android, please see here or look on Facebook.

What Do I Need?

To run xDrip4iOS you will firstly need an iPhone 7 or newer running minimum iOS13.

To work as a Master device, you will need to have a compatible CGM system (see below). If you want to share your CGM data with Nightscout, then you will also need a working internet connection.

To work as a Follower device, you don't need anything except an internet connection and a working Nightscout site from where to follow the master device.

That's it. Nothing else is needed.


Before using xDrip4iOS, it is important to understand several points:

  • This is an open-source, community-based project and is not supported by any company
  • It is not officially approved or regulated for diabetes therapy and/or treatment in any way whatsoever

You must understand that you take full responsibility for using this software and you agree to do so at your own risk.

Compatible Sensors

xDrip4iOS is compatible with many Libre sensors and also certain Dexcom sensors/transmitters.


Libre 1 (European 14 day)

Transmitter Type     Firmware Version     Compatible?    
MiaoMiao 1 All Yes
MiaoMiao 2 All Yes
Bubble All Yes
Atom All Yes
GNSentry All Yes

Libre 1 (US 14 days) and 2 (European 14 day)

Transmitter Type     Firmware Version     Compatible?    
Direct Bluetooth (no transmitter)    - Yes (2)
MiaoMiao 1 >= 39 Yes (1)
MiaoMiao 2 >= 7 Yes (1)
Bubble All Yes
Atom All Yes
GNSentry - No

(1) The MiaoMiao firmware can be upgraded, if needed, using Tomato App

(2) Only Libre 2 Europe

Libre 2 US/CA/AUS, Libre Pro, Libre H

  • Not compatible


Dexcom G4 (1) / G5

  • Fully compatible

(1) With a bridge/Wixel device.

Dexcom G6

Transmitter Serial Number     Firmware/ Version     Compatible?    
80xxxx All Yes
81xxxx (3rd digit is usually a number) <= x.x.x.25 Yes
81xxxx (3rd digit is usually a letter) >= x.x.x.27 No
8Gxxxx, 8Hxxxx, 8Jxxxx ... etc ("Firefly")   - No

Where Can I Get Help?

The main public support group for all support is the xDrip4iOS group on Facebook. Feel free to join the group, ask questions and participate.

You can also find all source code, technical information and register issues in our Github repository.

Development History

This project was started back in 2017 by Johan Degraeve. His idea was to port the original xDrip algorithm to iOS.

The original project he created was called xdripiosreader. This was later re-written in 2019 into native swift code and renamed to xdripswift.

In 2020, the user interface was overhauled, more features were added and the user-facing project was renamed to xDrip4iOS.

How Can I Get Involved?

You'll find the Github source repository for this documentation here. Please don't hesitate to improve or correct anything you see and create a pull request!

You're also welcome to contribute or report any documentation error, unclear explanation, typo, broken link etc by going to Github and opening an issue.